Online Training Program

ITIE Academy offers Online training courses for the Students and working professionals.

Online learning, or e-learning, offers a number of advantages for people and companies looking to develop a new content program — none bigger than the ability to offer that training anywhere, anytime. This means whether you are all together in a classroom or scattered all over the world in different time zones, they can still tap into the same courses, and at a time that’s convenient to them.

Trainers can optimize the timeliness and focus of the course, students can better fit learning time into their schedules, and for working professionals, it comes as a blessing.

Advantages of opting for an online course with ITIE Academy:

  • Simple, Flexible Logistics
  • Immediate Results and Feedback:
  • Better Retention
  • Better Retention
  • A Better Fit for 21st-Century Businesses

Online learning is a still a relatively young industry, promising a rich future of breakthroughs. New models of teaching are already emerging that have the potential to take online learning to even greater accomplishments.

ITIE Academy offers the following Online training programs:

Technology Training Programs

  • Matlab® fundamentals and Programming techniques
  • Image Processing using Matlab®
  • Modeling & Simulation for Automotive and Aerospace Applications using Matlab®, Simulink®, Stateflow™ & RTW™
  • Automotive Crash & Impact Analysis using LS-Dyna
  • Android Training Program
  • Java / J2EE / J2ME Program
  • Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) & Image Processing using Scilab
  • Python – OpenCV Image Processing
  • Texas Instruments DSP Processors 6713/ 6416 CCS
  • Biomedical Image Processing with Matlab®
  • Biomedical Signal Processing with Matlab®
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing with Matlab®
  • Digital Signal Processing with Matlab®

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