ITIE Academy is a training division of itie Knowledge Solutions – a collaborative Integrated Technologies for Industry and Education (itie) is a Biomedical Product Development, Consultancy and Technology Education Company started by IITians .At itie Knowledge Solutions, we are focused on providing cutting edge R&D, Software development, and training solutions to industries and educational institutions. Our project support includes both India and international operations.The itie team is grouped with number of experts from industry and academia, enabling us to deliver technology solutions in the areas of Embedded Technology, DSP, Bio-medical, Control engineering & automation to Automotive, Aerospace and Biomedical industries. At, itie we are committed to deliver high quality, efficient, and reliable solutions in all our technology domains.


To Integrate the fundamental streams of Engineering and Information Technology for the development of the novel Business and Knowledge Solutions to meet the growing requirements of Industries and Educational organizations by constructing strong pools among them and by working in harmony with them.


To be a constantly growing business and Knowledge Solutions provider for the two wings of society; Industries and Education.