Open Academy

ITIE Open Academy focuses on building expertise on open source technologies. We work on Scilab, Octave, OpenCV for Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Image Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Medical Image Processing, Control System, Communication System. It is completely Linux based platform.

Objectives of ITIE Open Academy:

  • Working for the advancement of open source technologies.
  • Open Source Hardware / Open Hardware
  • Open Source Software

Goals of ITIE Open Academy

  • Ground training for promising students interested in open source management and programming
  • Hosting of numerous open source Projects
  • Contributions to the open source community through in-house development services
  • Professional software development with open sources


  • Encourage students to go beyond ‘learning the languages’ and ‘using’ the open-source software.
    • Start contributing to the FOSS!
  • Enable institutes and organizations who cannot afford expensive proprietary software and systems, in using complete, functional, affordable and flexible systems based on ‘Open-Sources’

Open Source Software:



Open Hardware Examples:

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Freescale Freedom
  • Microchip ChipKIT
  • Beaglebone Black
  • Soldercore SC-CPU
  • Pandaboard/ES
  • GHI Electornics FEZ

Open Software Platforms:


Our courses on CourseForMe