ITIE transformed me into a self-learner


No Company/Training Institute can guarantee your success unless you effort, I was hard-working but ITIE transformed me into a self-learner. During my intern ship I focused on Control system design, the melange of theory and practical is perfectly organised. It’s the right place for students before stepping into the corporate world because corporates and students learn on same platform, […]

ITIE Training gave me grip on Programming in Matlab


The training at itie Academy gave me a firm grip on programming in Matlab. The underlying concepts of DSP taught here was very clear and strong. Most importantly, itie gave me a chance to understand the practical applications of Signal Processing. The training on machine learning using neural networks was very interesting. The courses here […]

Modeling with Matlab(R) & Simulink(R) for Automotive Applications was great learning


It was a memorable and very useful moment for me to spend time with ITIE Academy to learn, understand and implement control system theory in MATLAB(R) and Simulink(R) for study of automotive dynamics like mathematical modelling and simulation of suspension systems, trailer load and dynamics etc. The acquired knowledge was very useful for me in […]

DSP & Image Processing concepts made easy!!

40693 edit

I am pursuing my Masters in Mechatronics in Aachen, Germany. Coming from a Mechanical engineering background, I had only a very basic working knowledge of MatLab(R) and absolutely no knowledge of signal processing when I enrolled for the course on Biomedical Signal & Image Processing at ITIE Academy. The method of teaching and the practice […]

Basics to advance teaching in Biomedical applications for an Electrical engineer

Biomedical Training in Bangalore

After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I had time off before pursuing my master’s in the same with a specialization in Biomedical Applications and wanted to use it productively. I found that ITIE is one place which teaches the basics of Biomedical which I had no prior knowledge about. Upon enrollment, I realized that […]

Electrical and Electronic Design Engineer

Murali Krishna Kandula

Focusing on the target of becoming “User centric Design engineer”, I took study leave from BHEL (7 years Experience as an Executive) and joined IISc pursuing Master of Design in Product Design and Manufacturing. I was also taught by the best faculty of IIMB in the area of “New Product Development” at IIMB under the Student […]

My goal was to become an Matlab & Simulink specialist, and now I am!


My goal was to become an Matlab(R) specialist in the beginning of the year 2015. And here I am, having accomplished my goal. I specifically chose ITIE Academy to learn Mathematical Modelling. Today I am more confident to explore the engineering systems using Matlab(R) and Simulink(R).  – Vijaya Bharati Automotive Embedded Professional, Bangalore

Feeling confident in Python & Matlab Programming

aditi kannan

I am currently a Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University. When I started my summer at ITIE Academy, I had no previous computing / Programming knowledge. I came to ITIE hoping to prepare myself for the rigorous course ahead. As a person who works on Biomedical applications of computing on a daily basis, Mr […]

Deeper the understanding better the results !!

Keerthi Kumar

I always believe that the fundamentals of any subject should be very strong. The short crash course on Signal Processing at ITIE Academy taught by Sanjeev Kubakaddi helped me to understand the basics very well. So thanks to Sanjeev and his team. The strategy Sanjeev used to convey his lectures  was very much appealing. With […]