Drupal Workshop / Training


Track: Drupal Basics

This track shall introduce the trainees to the technology and help them get started.

Session 1

  • Installing Drupal and setting up the Development Environment. (2 Hrs)
  • Working with Drupal for managing content. (2 Hrs)

Session 2

  • Introduction to Designing/Programming themes for Drupal. (2 Hrs)
  • Working with Core and Contributed modules in Drupal. (2 Hrs)

Track: Advanced Drupal

The track shall get the trainees to delve into Drupal more with module development, advanced theme development and customization.

Session 1

  • Introduction to module development on Drupal. (1 Hr)
  • Writing a custom module for Drupal with best practices. (2 Hrs)
  • Drupal 6 vs Drupal 7. (30 mins)
  • Introduction to crafting solutions with Drupal. (30 mins)

Session 2

  • Extending Drupal with CiviCRM, Ubercart / Drupal Commerce. (2 Hrs)
  • Optimizing Drupal. (2 Hrs)