Biomedical Signal Processing with Matlab(R)


This training is about using MATLAB(R) Signal Processing toolbox for Bio-Medical signal processing, analysis, visualization, and algorithm development. The training covers various topics such as filter design, windowing techniques, transforms, multi-rate signal processing with respect to Bio-Medical Signals etc.

 Introduction to DSP  • Introduction to DSP• Sampled data systems

• Aliasing and antialiasing

• Reconstruction

• Practical limitations

• Frequency & amplitude resolution

• Quantization and timing errors

• Correlation and convolution

• Frequency analysis

• Fourier transforms

• Frequency ‘leakage’

• Windowing

• Multi-rate signal processing

 Transforms   • Fourier Transform• Z – Transform

• DCT Transform

• Wavelet Transform

 Filters  FIR Filter – FIR digital Filters• FIR filter basics

• Analysis of FIR filters

• Frequency & impulse responses

• The window design method

• Optimization design methods

• Practical limitations of FIR filters

IIR Filter –

• IIR filter basics

• Analysis of FIR filters

• Frequency & impulse responses

• IIR filter design

• Poles, zeroes and filter response

DSP with MATLAB(R)  • Introduction to DSP Toolbox• Signal processing functions in MATLAB(R)

(conv, conv2,  corrcoef, cov, cplxpair, deconv, fft, fft2, fftshift,    filter2, freqspace, ifft, ifft2,unwrap)

• Time domain analysis of a signal

• Frequency domain analysis of a signal

Digital Filter Design in MATLAB(R)  • Discrete-Time Filters (Direct form I, Direct form II, latticefilters)• 1_D Median filtering

• Butterworth filter design

• Chebyshev Type I filter design (pass band ripple)

• Chebyshev Type II filter design (stop band ripple)

• Raised cosine FIR filter design

• Recursive digital filter design

Window Design  • Rectangular window• Hamming window

• Hanning window

• Bartlett window

• Kaiser window etc

Biomedical signal processing  • Introduction to bio-medical signals (ECG, EMG, EEG)• Signal analysis

• Biomedical signal processing

• Signal enhancement

• Artifact removal

Case Studies • ECG Analysis• EMG Analysis

• EEG Analysis

• Brain Computer Interface Demo

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