Appcelerator – Hybrid Mobile Development

Pre-requisites: Javascript


Software Tools required: Appcelerator studio, Android / iOS SDK, Xcode (only for mac users + iphone appps)



JavaScript ·        Understand JavaScript syntax and fundamentals

·        Identify CommonJS coding patterns

·        Instantiate Titanium objects

·        Describe execution context and the means by which you create one or more

·        Identify the benefits of a single-context app design

·        Compare and contrast include() and require()

Cross-platform development
  • Implement branching techniques using appropriate Titanium properties
  • Include platform-specific resources at build time
  • Include density and aspect-ratio specific images at build time
  • Compare and contrast mobile platform features
Titanium basics
  • Create a Titanium project
  • Run a Titanium project in the simulator or emulator
  • Configure app properties such as the SDK version, target platforms, etc.
  • Describe the architecture of Titanium
User interface
  • Select the appropriate UI measurement units
  • Position elements on screen accounting for the UI coordinates system
  • Select and implement layout modes
  • Send and react to user and non-user events
App properties
  • Store data in an application property
  • Retrieve data from an application property
  • Identify the data types and access methods supported by app properties
  • Determine when app properties are the most suitable storage location for your app’s data
Web content
  • Include HTML/CSS content in your Titanium app
  • Identify the ramifications and pitfalls of the WebView
  • Communicate between the WebView and native Titanium environments
  • Implement the HTTPClient object
  • Retrieve data in various formats from network services
  • Upload and download files across the network
  • Post JSON-formatted data
  • Determine when to use JSON, XML, and SOAP to transmit rich data across the network
Appcelerator Cloud Services ·                          Cloud-enable an app

·                          Manage app keys

·                          Implement ACS APIs

·                          Identify ACS APIs and features

·                          Describe ACS security features


Mapping ·                                                  Add a map to your app

·                                                  Set map options and properties

·                                                  Add annotations to your map

·                                                  Set annotation options and properties

·                                                  Enable event handling for maps and annotations