Android Development Program – Android for Beginners

This training aims at providing in depth knowledge on android programming practices being used in the Industry where engineers are working currently. The training focuses on Android in particular. The trainers are alumnus of IITs and have worked for different companies in the past.

Pre-requisites: Understanding of OOPS, Core java for beginners

Software Tools required: Eclipse, ADT plugin for eclipse, Android SDK for windows/mac

Introduction to Android ·        What is Android?

·        Setting up development environment

·        Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension

·        Fundamentals:

·        Basic Building blocks – Activities,Services,Broadcast Receivers & Content providers

·        b. UI Components – Views & notifications

·        c. Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters

·                               Android API levels (versions & version names)

·                               Application Structure (in detail)

·                               AndroidManifest.xml

·                               uses-permission & uses-sdk

·                               Resources &

·                               Assets

·                               Layouts & Drawable Resources

·                               Activities and Activity lifecycle

·                               First sample Application

Emulator-Android Virtual Device
  • Launching emulator
  • Editing emulator settings
  • Emulator shortcuts
  • Logcat usage
  • Introduction tDDMS
  • Second App:- (switching between activities)

a.      Develop an app for demonstrating the communication between Intents

Basic UI design
  • Form widgets
  • Text Fields
  • Layouts
  • [dip, dp, sip, sp] versus px
  • SharedPreferences
  • Preferences from xml
  • Examples
  • Option menu
  • Context menu
  • Sub menu
  • menu from xml
  • menu via code
  • Examples