Training is one of the most important aspects of our lives and our work. Training – in simple words is an activity to produce results or anticipated outcome and Learning – in simple words is acquiring new knowledge, skills, abilities or competencies.

At ITIE Academy we majorly value Contextual Learning.

We often think that the biggest benefit of Learning is when we receive a credential or a diploma. As we get wiser, we realize that learning has got its benefits beyond a credential or a diploma. Knowing these benefits will help you design your perceived goals strategically.

Training and learning together will lead to increased performance; will also lead you to do better in lives and work.

Advantages of Learning at ITIE Academy

  • ITIE focuses on high end engineering and technical skill development catering to the needs of industry and academia.
  • ITIE also focuses to furnish Basic, advanced and customized courses specific to Organization and individual needs.
  • At ITIE, the methodology of training includes theoretical classes and practical sessions covering wide range of projects, case studies and strong evaluation mechanism to ensure the quality of training.
  • Technical Staff and Consultants having decades of experience on domain and tools.

For ECE / EEE / IT / Biomedical / Medical Electronics Engineering streams

  1. Matlab® fundamentals and Programming techniques/ Matlab® for Beginners
  2. Digital Signal Processing & Image Processing using Scilab
  3. Digital Signal Processing with Matlab®
  4. Image Processing using Matlab®
  5. Image Processing using Python & OpenCV
  6. Texas Instruments (TI) DSP Processors 6713  / 6416 – Code Composer Studio (CCS)
  7. Biomedical Image Processing with Matlab®
  8. Biomedical Signal Processing with Matlab®
  9. Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  10. Python Scripting/ Python Programming
  11. Scilab Programming
  12. Modeling & Simulation for Automotive and Aerospace Applications using Matlab®, Simulink®, Stateflow™ & RTW™

For Mechanical / Mechatronics / Automotive / Aeronautical Engineering streams 

  1. Automotive Crash & Impact Analysis using LS-Dyna
  2. Modeling & Simulation for Automotive and Aerospace Applications using Matlab®, Simulink®, Stateflow™ & RTW™

For CSE/ ISE streams 

  1. Android Programming
  2. JAVA / J2EE / J2ME Program
  3. Core Java
  4. Big data / Hadoop Hands on
  5. Internet Of Things

ITIE Academy focuses on Engineering Training and Technical Skill Development catering the needs of industry and academia. itie Academy focus to cater basic, advanced courses and customized courses specific to organization or individual needs in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Texas Instruments (TI) DSP Processor TMS320C6416, TI DSP Processor TMS320C6713, Digital Image Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Medical Image Processing, Matlab(R), Simulink(R), Stateflow(TM), LabVIEW(TM), Image Processing with Python & OpenCV tool, DSP & Image Processing using Scilab open source tool. itie Academy also offers training programs / courses on Agile Testing, Project Management Professional – PMP, JAVA, Android, iOS platforms.