Basics to advance teaching in Biomedical applications for an Electrical engineer

After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I had time Biomedical Training in Bangaloreoff before pursuing my master’s in the same with a specialization in Biomedical Applications and wanted to use it productively. I found that ITIE is one place which teaches the basics of Biomedical which I had no prior knowledge about. Upon enrollment, I realized that my fundamentals over the 4 years of engineering were weak and that, so many of my past subjects which I had neglected in college had applications in real life. Over the course of one month Mr Sanjeev Kubakaddi  has managed to teach me digital signal processing, MATLAB(R) basics and Image Processing theory and its applications. He tailor made the teaching to my level and ensured that all what I learn now will help me in my future studies in USA. The assignments, study material, make you think on your own, analyse the situation and he makes sure that we work on a solution for the problems on our own. The personal attention and training, clearing all my queries and always encouraging me to do it from a practical point of view, have installed a high level of confidence in me. I would like to thank the whole ITIE team for being so friendly and I am grateful to have found this institution. I know that whatever I have grasped in this short period of time will help me later and I can work further with my fundamentals in place.

– Divya Sriram
MS in Electrical Engineering (Biomedical Specialization), University of Texas at Dallas