Deeper the understanding better the results !!

Keerthi KumarI always believe that the fundamentals of any subject should be very strong. The short crash course on Signal Processing at ITIE Academy taught by Sanjeev Kubakaddi helped me to understand the basics very well. So thanks to Sanjeev and his team. The strategy Sanjeev used to convey his lectures  was very much appealing. With lot many practical examples and continuous interaction with the students he was able to deliver the content effectively.  He is very supportive and always there to answer the queries. The relation with ITIE is not just during the course but also continues further. One can collaborate and do interesting projects.  I definitely suggest to attend ITIE classes especially If someone feels  that their basics is not strong. Good Luck !!

Keerthi Kumar,
Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher,
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.