Model Based Design – Automotive & Aerospace

Mathematical Modeling & Simulation or Model-Based Design (MBD) is a mathematical and visual method of addressing problems associated with designing complex control system, signal processing and communication systems. It is used in many Automotive, Aerospace, Motion Control, Industrial equipment applications. Model-based design is a methodology applied in designing embedded software.

MBD can be based on principle approach where in mathematical model of a physical system can be developed and simulated in a software. The software platform widely used in the industry is Matlab(R), Simulink(R), Stateflow(TM), RTW(TM) from Mathworks Inc. This approach embedded with the software make the design life cycle shorter and hence helps to bring product to market at a record time.

Industry is in need of a trained resources on Control System fundamentals & tool knowledge of Matlab(R), Simulink(R), Stateflow(TM), RTW(TM) especially in the automotive, aerospace segment.

 ITIE Academy Bangalore provides training on model based design for automotive & aerospace applications.