Matlab(R) – The computational tool for engineers!!

Matlab(R) is a high level language, tool developed by MathWorks, Inc. It is a default tool for numerical computation in the engineering applications. The potential of the tool lies in handling Matrices & Arrays. Any deterministic system can be represented mathematically. Irrespective of the engineering applications, one can translate their application into Matlab(R), Simulink(R) code / model.

Today, the Automotive, Aerospace industry adopted Model Based Design to reduce the design time to market. The mathematical modeling & simulation is picked up in these industry. The Matlab(R), Simulink(R) platform is the frontier.

Matlab(R), Simulink(R) tool has opened up many job opportunities for the electrical engineers, mechanical engineers in the automotive, aerospace industry. The need for the trained engineers is the requirement currently.

Typically Matlab(R) is used in many application areas, to name:

1. Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

2. Digital Image Processing (DIP)

3. Control System

4. Biomedical Signal Processing

5. Medical Image Processing

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