In-house Training Program

A general training program may not be the right answer in few cases, and you may really need something more customized that can immediately address your requirements.

We’re here to listen to your specific training needs, and we can put together a tailored in house program that works to address those needs. Our trainers can provide a consultative training approach that’s custom designed to meet your essentials. We also offer one-to-one mentoring.

Inhouse Training Program 

  • Customization – You can customize the course based on your requirements.
  • Flexible Length – Inhouse courses can run for just half a day, a full day, 2 days, or even longer time periods. They can range from a short briefing on a day to a fully intensive program. Ideal for both students and professionals.
  • Consultative training approach – Most important of all. Our trainers will be your dedicated consultants. You will be exposed to day – day challenges business and provide you with a fully customized learning experience that HELPS YOU solve the problems as well as extend your knowledge.
  • A Free talking atmosphere
  • Highly Applicable
  • Schedule as per your availability
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Plenty of knowledge
  • Hands on experience
  • Live demonstrations
  • Unlimited Query session

We also focus on

  • Opportunity to build up self-esteem, maturity, and interpersonal skills
  • Opportunity to participate in the summer exchange program
  • Enhance the competitiveness in the job market upon graduation

ITIE Academy offers the following In House training programs:

Technology Training Porgrams

  • Matlab® fundamentals and Programming techniques
  • Image Processing using Matlab®
  • Modeling & Simulation for Automotive and Aerospace Applications using Matlab®, Simulink®, Stateflow™ & RTW™
  • Automotive Crash & Impact Analysis using LS-Dyna
  • Android Training Program
  • Java / J2EE / J2ME Program
  • Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) & Image Processing using Scilab
  • Python – OpenCV Image Processing
  • Texas Instruments DSP Processors 6713/ 6416 CCS
  • Biomedical Image Processing with Matlab®
  • Biomedical Signal Processing with Matlab®
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing with Matlab®
  • Digital Signal Processing with Matlab®

Business Programs

  • Agile / Scrum Testing Program
  • Project Management Professional Program

Campus to Corporate Programs

  • Soft Skill Training on Etiquette
  • Soft Skill Training on Management
  • Soft Skill Training on Personality Development

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