Corporate Training Program

ITIE inspires and educates your teams to build a more profitable company with our improved programs designed particularly for your organization.

We look forward to serve as strategic partners in order to understand your specific business needs, challenges and requirements. Our advisory and co-operative approach allows our team to develop a strait strategy with clear objectives and outcomes. To ensure your business receives competency-based, innovative and results-driven training, by the best trainers in the business; will be the insight we gain from our strategic approach, which will be depending on the type of interaction you are looking for—observational or Synergistic —Corporate Strategies by itie knowledge solutions has the best resources in the industry.

The most critical asset of an organization is “THE PEOPLE”. Hence Development, training and education are highly important for personal and professional growth and ultimately organization’s growth.  Motivated and trained resources are devoted to achieving both personal and organizational goals, which will lead to less turnover rate, high productivity, high satisfaction in performing which are reduced expenses to organization.

Corporate Training Program

  • Strategy – A retention and reinforcement strategy to make sure that the training deliverables actually stick.
  • Flexibility – We believe one size does not fit all, and in order to accommodate your business requirements and understand your needs, goals and mission,WE LISTEN. We collaborate and help you determine the most effective course design, content, trainer and delivery method.
  • Innovative Deliverable – Observational or synergetic

We also focus on

  • Increased employee motivation to learn and improve
  • Accelerate completion of business goals
  • Create synergy and shared ownership of your organization’s goals
  • Reduce resistance to change
  • Sustain and increase retention of training and learning

ITIE Academy offers the following corporate training programs:

Technology Training Programs

  • Matlab® fundamentals and Programming techniques
  • Image Processing using Matlab®
  • Modeling & Simulation for Automotive and Aerospace Applications using Matlab®, Simulink®, Stateflow™ & RTW™
  • Automotive Crash & Impact Analysis using LS-Dyna
  • Android Training Program
  • Core Java & Advanced Java Program
  • Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) & Image Processing using Scilab
  • Python – OpenCV Image Processing
  • Texas Instruments DSP Processors 6713/ 6416 CCS
  • Biomedical Image Processing with Matlab®
  • Biomedical Signal Processing with Matlab®
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing with Matlab®
  • Digital Signal Processing with Matlab®

Business Programs

  • Agile / Scrum Testing Program
  • Project Management Professional Program

Campus to Corporate Programs

  • Soft Skill Training on Etiquette
  • Soft Skill Training on Management
  • Soft Skill Training on Personality Development

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