Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic Training Bangalore


It’s an integrated course in terms of ideas sequence, extracted course materials, presenting skills & practicing sessions.For more than 2 years, I have spent much time on selecting a topic or subject in Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)& Fuzzy Logic to my potential Master research. But now after taking this crash course in this field, I […]

Visualization of the DSP, Image Processing concepts


I am really lucky that, I met you and joined ITIE Knowledge Solutions thinking that It would help me to do good in my masters. but more than that, I liked the way you made to visualize the concepts. Now whenever the lectures are going on I remember the concepts thought by you in DSP. […]

Good Mixture of Theory and Practicals


I am a Post Graduate student trying to understand the working of human brain or brain computer interface using mathematical and computational approaches. Before joining this program, I had enrolled for DSP and Image Processing and Matlab® courses at itie Knowledge Solutions Bangalore to get back into academia after a gap of 2 years in […]

Knowledge in DSP and Image processing by practical illustrations


“The training at ITIE knowledge solution, Bangalore was a very useful program where I was able to review my knowledge in DSP and Image processing by practical illustrations. Mr. Sanjeev was highly cooperative and never hesitated in giving us any resource for exploring our projects. We had good internet facilities, study material and variety of […]

I would like to say that no student would get disappointed after joining

I’am a Postgraduate student doing his studies in Aerospace Technology. During my last semester I was required to carry out a project based on MATLAB solutions. With very little knowledge about  programming I was worried as how I would accomplish the task lying ahead of me. Until recently when I came across ITIE KNOWLEDGE Solutions. […]

TI DSP Processor TMS320C6713 Hands on Training


I am incredibly indented to the director of ITIE Knowledge Solutions, Mr. Sanjeev who was as well my tutor during the training session on Texas Instruments (TI) DSP Processor – TMS320C6713 & TMS320C6416  for Imparting such a pragmatic and thrilling sessions on applied DSP concepts. I also like to take up a chance on thanking […]

Embedded System Design using DSP Processor – Workshp at COEP Pune


Sanjeev Kubakaddi, Director, Integrated Technologies for Industry and Education Bangalore was invited to deliver few sessions on fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing and some of the practical applications of DSPs during AICTE Sponsored Two Weeks (May 20 ~ May 31, 2013) Faculty Development programme entitled “Embedded System Design using DSP” at Department of Instrumentation and […]

Biomedical Signal Processing training

Biomedical Signal Processing training was structured well and tailored to address my need of applying the DSP concepts to Biomedical signals. Mr. Kubakaddi’s knowledge of the subject and his style of teaching were very instrumental in me learning about the subject from a practical stand point of view even though there is a lot of […]

Biomedical Training at itie Knowledge Solutions


ITIE KNOWLEDGE SOLUTIONS is one of the best premier institutes guiding young biomedical engineers to a new way of learning. Their methodology of teaching and allowing students to learn by experimenting with things around them is very impressive. The best part of the training program is the session when we are asked to visualize things […]

I am thankful to ITIE for making me an INDEPENDENT LEARNER…


ITIE Knowledge Solutions, not only by name but by their initiatives and action has proved its worth. They don’t train the students in the courses they provide, they actually create Independent Learners who develops an unbounding capacity to learn and develop high critical and analysing thinking skills. They are the CREATORS and not the trainers. […]